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Straight to the Source [Rating: NC17 ]

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Title: Straight to the Source
Author: Gomes
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Giles/Jenny
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Sexual content
Tags: Episode addition
Spoilers: Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered (S02.E016)

His breath caught as her hair tickled the side of his face, watching as she whipped her head back to catch a lasting, desperate glance of her misguided love. Love faked and tainted by magic. Foolish magic, that left him angry at the lack of respect towards the craft and towards those that it hurt.

Dark thoughts were pushed as he focused once more on the connection. Their connection. Despite the removal of her presence in his personal life, she still remained ingrained in his heart, they were still emotionally connected, and he suspected that they always would be. Circumstances ruined what could have been one of the greater loves, of that he was sure.

"Xander," she almost mewed, reaching out towards his form that disappeared as the doors to the library swung closed behind them.

"'re under a spell," he responded calmly as she tried to wrestle free his hold of her upper arm.

"But Xander is that way. Xander needs me. Xander wants me."

The innocence in her voice aided him keeping his cool, knowing that she was not to blame. "He's not the only one," he murmured, sure that she was too preoccupied with thoughts of the love-God Xanderus, to even hear her. He threw his head back, impatience rising quickly as he felt her resist his attempts to guide her away from the library, on to the more neutral school grounds. "For Heaven's sake, Jenny, I -"

He paused, green eyes staring at dangerous browns, battling where one side knew the prize and the other still remained in the dark.

"I...uh, w-why did you um, stop?"

Head tilted downwards, she watched him through her lashes, a feral smile to match the wildness in her eyes. "You want me?" She smiled, lips quirked as she sauntered towards him, one foot slowly in front of the other, hips swaying gently. "You need me?" She walked her fingers up his tie, until she reached the knot, loosening it while never taking her eyes of the prize. "You can have me..." She leaned up and spoke against his lips, not a kiss, but a slide of mouth against mouth as she spoke.

"Jenny..." His sigh was almost strangled, as he stood there in the thankfully deserted hall, hands clenched at either side as he tried to harness his focus, his self-control. She was bewitched and to take advantage of her would not only destroy whatever fragile threads connected them, but would shatter him from the inside out. He swallowed hard, head jaggedly pulled to the side, and away from temptation.

Fingers caressed his hair, gripping his scalp with frightening urgency, forcing his eyes to hers. He allowed her to handle him, to tilt his head in several directions as her eyes traced each scar, each contour, each feature as if she was seeing them for the first time. He let out a shaky breath as she trailed her fingertips across the shell of his ear, down past the lobe and finally whispering across his neck.

"You know..." She began, words lazy and sultry all at once.

"Y-yeah?" He whispered back, eyes now closed as her hands returned to his hair, sending tingles through his body.

"In this light? Like this...without words or songs...just us..."

He breathed out for her to continue, finding it harder to fight her seduction.

"Just us like this can totally pass for Xander!"

His eyes snapped open and he almost growled in anger. "Oh for the love of -" He grabbed her hand roughly and pulled her down the hall. This was the last straw - they were going to find Amy and put a stop to this madness.


"Jenny, please, I'm begging you...just open the door," he pleaded with her, knocking lightly on the janitor's closet. It had taken her all of three seconds to slip her hand out of his grasp and make a giggled dash towards the utility room. Well that, and a sharp pinch to his rear had been a sufficient distraction, and had also elicited an embarrassingly high-pitched yelp, one he was glad no one had been around to witness.

The door opened slightly and he sighed with great relief. "Good, I'm glad that you're willing to discuss this like a mature -"

His words had been cut short as he was yanked into the closet by his tie, any further protests silenced by the door slamming behind him.

He was turned and pushed down on an upside down bucket, a make-shift seat that left him wondering if this had all been planned. He had a few theories on what sort of spell Amy had performed, but none in his repertoire called forth the manifestation of transference. This supposed lovelorn spell was supposed to woo every woman save for the one in possession of the bewitched item. So why hadn't Jenny broken out and sought out Xander.

Why was she still staring at him like he was a gazelle and she the hungry lioness.

And all at once he was incredibly nervous, slightly frightened really. The carnal look in her eyes, her body poised for some sort of attack did offer some form of fear, but he was more afraid of his own reactions, his own present wants.

"J-Jenny, uh...what about Xander?" He wondered how burnt he would get from playing with this kind of fire, but he was too curious not to try. He wanted to know why she wasn't destroying everything in her path to reach Xander's side.

She leaned back against the door, a coquettish smile on her lips. "See, I was thinking about that. All these girls, fawning over Xander. Xander-this, Xander that. And yeah, I kinda want him too. A lot, actually. But the more I think about it, and I did a lot of thinking in here...the more I think..." She cocked her head to the side, a small, open-mouthed smile forming. "Why not go to the source?"

He cleared his throat nervously. "The uh...the s-source?" He let out a small breathy chuckle, the one that signified his unease with the situation. "I-I, um...what do you mean, the source?"

She walked languidly towards him, very feline in her movements. "Xander's a special guy. Sexy. Funny. Good looking..." Fingers danced on his shoulder, sliding up to tickle the sensitive skin behind his ear.

He let out a shuddered breath. Dear Lord, she still knew all of his special spots. He leaned against her touch, finding his resolve fading to her gentle petting.

"But...what makes him that way? What, who has guided him...shaped him..."

His brow furrowed. "I uh...I mean, I've offered guidance to the boy, b-but...I didn't mould..." He frowned. "I don't understand. This spell was for him...why aren't you as affected as the other girls?"

She shrugged. "Maybe it's just that. Girls. Maybe it's because I'm a woman..."

He considered her words for a few minutes. "Lunch-lady Moira seemed quite smitten, giving him an extra serving of mystery-meat today and she's pushing sixty-two."

"Well then, maybe I'm just more informed? Smarter?" She let out a small moan as she pressed her breasts against the back of his head, fingers lost in his hair. “Hornier.”

He grunted as each hand grabbed a tuft of his hair, yanking his head back as he watched her from a disadvantaged and vulnerable upside down position. "Jenny," he breathed, unable to divert his eyes from her heaving chest, from her perfectly sculpted breasts, so pert and aching to be grabbed, felt...loved.

It probably didn't help that he was eye-level with them, his mouth dangerously close and thirsting for her body.

A small moan escaped his lips as they connected with hers, feeling her chin against his nose as she kissed him upside down. His hands reached up of their own accord, steadying her mouth by cupping her cheeks on either side as he tasted his heaven, so long desired but never forgotten.

His head was jerked back into position, forcing him to stare straight ahead at the closed door. Fingers still gripped his hair, holding him in place. He knew he could easily fight her hold; he was bigger and stronger than her, having trained with the Slayer gave him quite an advantage, but there was a part of him that didn't want to fight.

That part that understood the cravings, the want, the conflict. He knew of the fight between his mind, versus his body, heart and soul. The part that didn't want to resist anymore, that wanted to feel what he deserved - what they deserved.

He hissed softly as a leg rested against his shoulder and down to his chest, draped over from the back. He nudged her leg with his chin before rubbing his cheek against the silky soft skin that tantalized him.

"Jenny," he whispered, "don't tease."

Her leg disappeared and just as fast, she stood in front of him, hands on his chest, feeling him through the material of his shirt.

The clothing that now felt claustrophobic in response to the wild call her body was taunting him with. He inhaled deeply, his chest puffing and pressing against her talented hands as they continued to explore and tease.

His own hands found her hips and he pulled her forward, forcing her legs on either side of his seated position.

His eyes now level with her breasts, he pressed his face against their softness, kissing her tummy before kissing her through the material of her cardigan. "This needs to come off," he murmured between kisses, grunting as his head was jerked away from her body.

"Ah...uh," she replied, finger wagging and an open-mouthed smile that left him wanting more and a little afraid, all at once. "I'm in control."

The statement was said with such fact that even he found himself believing in it.

"Er, I...uh, I suppose then," he muttered, as he watched her eye him with that feral quality that seemed to come very easily. "Um, w-what did you have planned, ex-exactly?" He cleared his throat, his arousal still throbbing despite his unease.

She breathed a little laugh, a toothy grin appearing between plump lips. Fingers found the buttons of his shirt, opening each with calculated precision.

His pants were next, as the button was popped, the zipper teasingly slid and then roughly pulled off, along with his shoes. She tossed the pants over her shoulder, where they hit the door before sliding down to the floor. His shirt was pulled off, and tossed in the same fashion, leaving him naked and aroused before her.

"You wear too many clothes, England," she whispered, her voice low and sultry, breath tickling his ear as her hands aroused the same in other regions.

He squirmed before glancing up at her. "Pot calling the kettle -" The rest of the statement was replaced by a squeak as she grabbed hold of his erection, stroking the tip with her thumb.

His hips lifted off the over-turned bucket, and he gripped the edges so as not to fall backwards as he followed the motions of her ministrations. "Jenny," he grit through his teeth, voice full of desire.

He closed his eyes, vaguely registering her breathy giggle as she removed her hand from his arousal.

Clothing pooled around her as she stood in nothing but her panties and bra. She stood where she had once stood before, the inside of her legs pressed against the outside of his, as she toyed with one of the straps of her bra. She watched him through her lashes, face innocent but eyes sparked with playful desire.

When her tongue traced her upper lip, he lost his resolve and pulled her to him, lips urgently seeking hers as his body desperately wanted to be connected. He tried to fight logic, reason, warnings and common sense. All he could do was feel; he was lead to temptation and how easily he had fallen to her wishes, her command.

He squeezed her through her bra, feeling and stroking as his hips thrust against her, his arousal meeting her panty-covered core. "I'm so sorry, Jenny," he whispered against her lips, as his fingers stroked her through the material. Her mews of pleasure only fueled his desire and he carefully pulled her panties to the side, before slipping in.

They both moaned in unison, breaths in sync and hearts beating momentarily in tandem.

Giles lost himself in her slick warmth, fingers gripping her thighs as he guided her against him, a rhythm not forgotten brought back to the surface. He kissed her gently, teeth nipping at her lips before moving to her neck.

Their rhythm remained steady until he felt her tense, felt the nails press into his shoulders and the whispered cries of release tickle his ears. Her climax brought forth his own as he held her close, allowing each to drift back down from their highs.

He reached back blindly, feeling a roll of paper towels. Ripping off a sheet, he gently cleaned her, eyes holding hers as he wiped the inside of her thighs all the way to the apex. He cleaned himself off as well, tossing the used sheets in the garbage before standing up shakily and dressing in a curious silence.

He glanced at her, wondering if her carnal needs had been satiated. However, dark thoughts slowly filtered, reminding him of his sin, of how he took advantage of her instead of protecting. Demons taunted him as he pulled up his pants and buttoned his shirt, roughly tucking it in.

He had probably severed all trust and love future possibilities. He had hurt and broken one of the most important people in his life, the one he swore to protect. He couldn't even protect her from himself. He shook his head and pounding his fist roughly against the wall, cursing himself.

"What? Still got some mojo juice left in you?"

His head whipped around and he watched her feral smile, as she buttoned the middle button of her cardigan, before smoothing it out.

"I beg your pardon?" Formality jumped in to hide his confusion, a defense mechanism that he knew she had easily deciphered and eventually ignored.

She sauntered over to him, eyes holding his boldly.

"I'm up for more if you're up for more...though I don't know why we got dressed." She hung her arms loosely around his neck, forearms resting on his shoulders as she swung around and pressed her back against the door. "Did I ever tell you that I love that confused, scared-shitless look? I used to end up trying to get that reaction on purpose..." She licked his bottom lip once before pulling back, her voice low, almost a growl. "Such a turn on..."

He took an unsteady step back, stepping out into the hallway.


Both of them glanced up as they heard the ever-panicky voice of the young magically-afflicted man, running through the hallways.

Giles sighed, slowly untangling himself from Jenny's hold, reaching down to pick up his vest. "Well, I guess we better go and save the young..." He glanced up, hearing the door slam. He looked around the small janitor's closet, mouth slightly open out of confusion. "Um, J-Jenny?"

He opened the door and peeked out, spotting an oblivious Jenny trotting towards a terrified-looking Xander, who was now cornered and defenseless against the techno-pagan.

He dropped his head to his chest, letting out a loud and unhidden sigh. Closing the janitor's door behind him, he straightened his tie and walked towards Xander, who was trying to fend off the over-amourous computer teacher.

Some part of him knew that things wouldn't progress as far as they had, in the janitor's closet, so he walked by, placing a hand on the younger man's shoulder. "Mind her then, she can smell fear," he told him before pulling back and walking away, in search of Amy.


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